Unreasonable Compensation

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Recently, the Hubei Provincial Government has announced a policy. Children of medical staff, who has been working for the prevention and control of epidemic situation, can add 10 points in Senior high school entrance examination. Frankly speaking, I don't think it is a good policy.

People in favor think the medical staff are busy with saving other people in need and can't provide sufficient time for their children. In fact, this policy is a way to compensate the parents. Quite a few even think that 10 points is not enough.

In my opinion, this kind of compensation is not rational. Though the medical staff need rewards, it is unfair. Firstly, This policy can only benefit the medical staff whose children will take the examination in 2020, which is inequitable for others. Secondly, what about other people who work hard but not as medical staff? For example, a workman who works in a medical supplies factory, or a policeman who has been on a patrol day and night. Their children should get the compensation, as others do. Thirdly, there are not extra quotas in the senior high schools. Adding 10 points to some students means deducting 10 points to the others. Because of these 10 points, a student may fail to enter the key middle school.

All in all, the medical staff need rewards. But we shouldn't destroy fairness in education. On the contrary, I hold the view that rewarding money to the medical staff may be a better choice.



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