Increasingly impetuous society in China


Do you remember the last time when you read a book and relax yourself?

With the development of the Internet, Chinese netizens are receiving more and more pieces of information. Fragmented information seems to be the main trend in the virtual Internet world, which makes almost everyone more and more impetuous. While being swamped in Tiktok or Weibo, we should be patient, and try to live in a slow lifestyle, as same as before, when there was no Qzone or Twitter.

There are large signs of impetuousness on the Chinese Internet. For example, People usually call themselves 👴, rather than I. Some guys may say that it does not matter. But up to me, I can't take this point completely. Besides, many people cannot accommodate different perspectives. They will refute other opinions reasonlessly. Friendly comments are the premise of communication. But they never realize. Another example, when we are still a child, we're more and less Chunibyo, which means Adolescent Delusions in psychology. This is a normal psychological development. But some people will ridicule them sarcastically, just like making fun of an imaginative child.

So why not sit down and have a cup of tea? Be away from the noise of the Internet world, and stop paying attention to the painful quarrel. As far as I am concerned, the more we care about the virtual world, the deeper we fall into, the more impetuous we will be. In my opinion, we should have a try for the slow life. Stretch ourself physically and emotionally, and we will have a better life!



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